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19 Miles Per Hour is an energetic pop/rock band originally from New Hampshire. Gas Mask Magazine describes their music as "Passionate and Unforgettable". Brothers Danny and Michael Iacopucci along with Brady Ellsworth formed the band in 2018. Ben Iba joined them in 2021. The band made their first appearance in Utah at the Battle of the Bands at The Wall - BYU in 2019, which they won. They were later invited to play at Velour Battle of the Bands and were later voted Runner-Up in All-Star Battle of the Bands at The Wall in 2020. 

19 Miles Per Hour writes music that people can connect with and relate to. "Music brings people together and it is important for everyone to know they aren't alone." They write music that is passionate, catchy, driving, and even raises awareness for mental health. In 2021 the group was voted "Favorite Overall Artist in Utah" at the Local Utah Music Awards and briefly after that, they were voted "#1 Band" in the Daily Herald's "Best of Utah Valley" 2021 Magazine. They are constantly performing and writing music to keep everyone entertained. "We want our music to make a difference in the world. To help people. People need to know that all the things they are feeling and experiencing are temporary, and that they aren't alone. The world needs more people to focus on doing good, and writing and playing music is our way of contributing to that." A couple examples of them living up to these statements is that in the summer of 2020 they held a variety of benefit concerts that raised money for multiple different charities. They even held their #BeTheReason Campaign that was all about raising awareness for mental health. In 2021, they helped put together an LGBTQ+ Benefit Concert in Orem where all proceeds went to Encircle (a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community) which the Daily Universe at BYU ended up publishing an article about. Later that year, they helped organize an Alzheimer's Benefit Concert where all proceeds went to the Alzheimer's Association. 

19 Miles Per Hour is an energetic and engaging band dedicated to doing good. They always bring an energetic crowd to their shows and always make sure their fans have an amazing time.

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